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After 34 months, 25 newsletters reaching 2,100 subscribers, this is the final newsletter of the as the project comes to an end.

With the EOSC Association and Task Forces now fully operational, you can continue to follow their progress, and updates from the community by signing up to the EOSC Association newsletter.

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In this month's newsletter, there are two final reports from funded co-creation activities and updates from the EOSC Association:

  • New study on EOSC national structures
  • New recommendations on the internationalisation of EOSC from RDA
  • The EOSC Liaison Platform lives on!
  • Updates from the EOSC Association
  • Upcoming events


The New insights on EOSC National Structures

This last year has seen the emergence of a number of EOSC national structures which support EOSC coordination and engagement activities at a local level. In some countries, these are the first steps towards the appointment of a mandated organisation. However, in many cases, they arecomplementary structures essential to bring EOSC closer to the national research community and to stimulate active participation of researchers as providers and users of FAIR digital content. Alignment with the EOSC Partnership is key to increase the uptake of Open Science and boost awareness and pan-European engagement.

The study has been conducted by CSC  IT Center for Science in the context of the project and surveyed EOSC national structures in 24 EU Member States, 11 Associated Countries and Switzerland in 2021.

Download the report

RDA4EOSC - Research Data Alliance support the internationalisation and implementation of EOSC
With RDA's global reach, this activity supported the internationalisation and implementation of EOSC by leveraging the strengths and network of the Research Data Alliance. The RDA4EOSC report provides a snapshot in time of a series of indicators of awareness and readiness for the engagement with EOSC of various disciplinary research communities. It also supported the implementation of EOSC and to lay the foundations for activities to be executed under the EOSC Future project.

The RDA4EOSC activity was funded through an Co-creation grant. This brought together the Research Alliance, the Digital Repository of Ireland and the Digital Curation Centre.

Read the full report

The Liaison Platform lives on
With well over a thousand registered users, the EOSC Liaison Platform has become an important information exchange resource for the EOSC community. Originally established to facilitate communications to the previous EOSC Working Groups, the platform has flourished and is now used by projects and researchers to promote calls to action, invite contributions to surveys and open consultations and disseminate EOSC-related activities and results. The Liaison Platform will continue to be sustained so keep posting and keep informed!

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EOSC Association updates

With the newsletter coming to an end, we highly recommend our subscribers to sign up for the EOSC Association newsletter in order to stay engaged with the progress of the implementation phase of EOSC and governance topics.

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Join the EOSC Association Stakeholder Registry

The EOSC Association has launched a stakeholder registry. With the implementation phase of the EOSC well underway, the Association is inviting the whole EOSC community to register as a means to shaping the future developments of the EOSC. Clearly as ex WP members you are an important part of this.

By registering, you'll be able to keep up to date on the progress of the EOSC Association, news on important developments and the Task Forces, and receive invitations to participate at events and contribute to surveys.

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Upcoming Events

RDA Plenary meetings are held every six months and bring together a unique community of data scientists, librarians, computer scientists, and domain scientists. On 3-11 November 2021, the 18th Plenary Meeting will take place virtually. Read more.

The Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the EU and the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) are pleased to announce ESFRI Days, an event scheduled to take place from 6 to 8 December 2021 at the Grand Hotel Union, Ljubljana, Slovenia. Read more.