Opportunity for publishing in CODATA Data Science Journal RDA Special Collection


The CODATA Data Science Journal is open for new submissions for RDA community members:

  • Continuous Submission (no specific deadline for submission)
  • RDA Europe 4.0 covers APC for papers submitted up to July 15th 2020
  • The papers have to be submitted following the Journal focus and scope, authors guidelines and editorial policy.
  • The Special Collection title (Research Data Alliance Results) must be indicated in the Cover Letter accompanying the submission
  • Editorial Board is composed by RDA Europe 4.0 members (CNR)
  • Papers will undergo peer review by field experts

Types of submissions:

- Research articles must describe the outcomes and application of unpublished original research. These should make a substantial contribution to knowledge and understanding in the subject matter and should be supported by relevant figures and tabulated data. Research articles should be no more than 8,000 words in length. Data and software supporting the research should be formally cited and available through a trusted repository.

- Practice papers should report upon or critique a specific "happening" such as a release of a major study or other notable occurrence related to the journal focus. Authors interested in submitting a practice paper should discuss the content with the editor before submitting a manuscript. Practice papers should describe the finished outputs of a project or the procedures in operation in an established data system. Practice papers should be no longer than 3,000 words in length.

- Review articles can cover topics such as current controversies, the current “state of the art” or the historical development of studies as well as issues of regional or temporal focus. Papers should critically engage with the relevant body of extant literature. Review articles should be no longer than 3,000 words in length.

- Essays cover topics and controversies of interest to the community and aim to stimulate discussion and debate. Essays may be provocative and less focused on reporting original research work but should still consist of original thoughts and ideas. Essays should be no longer than 3,000 words in length.

More information for RDA - CODATA Special Issue: