Information for the RDA Website Content Freeze (13th March) and Soft Launch Date (25th March)

The RDA Secretariat is excited to report the soft launch of the long-awaited RDA redesigned website on 25 March.  After a decade of incremental upgrades, the underlying technology is completely redesigned to provide improved integration of communication channels and additional services and a more modern and approachable look.

Due to the change in the underlying software solutions, RDA members will be asked to reset their passwords to validate their information in order to access members-only features of the website.

A content freeze on the current website will take place to enable the migration of existing data and content. This freeze is scheduled to take place from Wednesday, 13 March UTC 23:59.  Although data and content can still be added during this period, they will not be automatically added to the new site. As such, it is recommended to keep a record of any website updates  on the current site (group page posts and emails, user comments, events, form submissions, etc.) to easily repost them to the new platform.

Lastly, although the new site will be available to the public and members on 25 March, users may experience limited functionality with features of the site for the first few weeks as the Wicket development team works to roll out enhanced functionality to the new member registration system, group pages, etc.  

The questions regarding the content freeze can be directed to