Invitation to workshop- Regional Support to Certification of Data Repositories

RDA Community Workshop

The workshop on Regional Support to Certification of Data Repositories will be held on 21 November at 10:00 UTC.

You can register to participate at  

The workshop is open to all, RDA members as well as people who are not (yet).

CoreTrustSeal (CTS), which was derived from the Recommendations of the RDA Repository Audit and Certification DSA/WDS Partnership Working Group, is well recognised as a community driven, domain agnostic, core certification framework. There are currently more than 160 CTS certified repositories. Those which do not want to apply for certification can usefully assess and improve their practices by examining CTS criteria. 

Initiatives at the regional, national, and thematic levels are supporting repositories on their path to CTS certification, and disseminating knowledge about CTS criteria to repositories willing to improve their practices. 

This workshop will showcase relevant initiatives, demonstrate how they are organised, the activities involved, and identify good practices. The workshop is primarily aimed at individuals with an interest in different  regional, national and thematic initiatives/approaches to CTS certification, as well as those with a general interest in the management and certification of data repositories.