RDA-BG Node - 5 Highlights for 2023

5 Highlights/Activities plan for 2023

  1. Dissemination of information - web-page of the RDA node in Bulgaria and the web page of the HPC laboratory supporting the training of users and developers in the field of HPC/HPDA/AI: http://hpc-lab.sofiatech.bg/
  2. Meetings:
  • Sofia University - a full member of EOSC-Association posts  the EOSC newsletters on the RDA node web-page
  • The RDA BG node calls for participation in the forthcoming Spring Science Session https://www.fmi.uni-sofia.bg/en/fmi-spring-science-session-2023
  • Please send your contributions to  psfmi@fmi.uni-sofia.bg
  • Subject: Session Convergence of HPC and Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Models in the Digital World
  • Be aware 25.02.2023 is the deadline for submissions
  1. Open science initiatives lead by the RDA members (Ministry of education and science) and NACID (National centre for scientific documentation) - Bulgarian Tripartite Event: BG EOSC for Open science to be held in March 2023
  2. Projects in preparation for the  RDA Call for The 18th International Conference on Open Repositories (OR2023)
  3. Evaluation of proposals related to EOSC-A activities