The RDA activities are promoted in Bulgarian press



A short paper, dedicated on the RDA virtual seminar, held in late September in Zlatograd is published in the local Bulgarian press. The newspaper "Zlatogradski Vestnik" (on Bulgarian) presents in the October issue a short summary of the RDA seminar programme. The paper informs the general public about the current debates for Open Science policies in Bulgaria, the position of the Bulgarian institutions, and introduces the key figures behind RDA activities in Bulgaria.  


A detailed paper from prof. Ana Proykova about Research Data Alliance and Big Data is published in the journal "Science" (in Bulgarian). In the last issue of the journal,, prof. Ana Proykova discusses the role of the RDA for promoting Open Science and Open Science Policies.

References for the publication - journal Science (in Bulgarian) ISSN: 0861 3362(print) ISSN 2603-3623 (e-format) v.5/2020 page 6, Ana Proykova: Research Data Alliance. Data, data – Big Data! So what?