Invitation to the Bulgarian RDA community - Conference Open Science in Europe

The RDA Bulgaria Node received information from dr. Tiberius Ignat about the possibility for Bulgarian researchers to take part in the conference Building Consistency for Open Science in Europe: Rhetoric and Practice.

Researchers from the Bulgarian community are invited to submit a proposal (or more) for Lightning Talks.

The registration is free of charge.

The conference aim is to align the open science requirements of the EEA&Norway Grants with the EC requirements on OS. The other aim is to accelerate the open science take up in the EEA Countries (CEE, Portugal, Greece, Malta) and reduce the gap with the rest of the open science European initiatives

Dr. Tiberius Ignat points out that they are also working hard to implement an Engagement Hub which - post probably - will offer real networking opportunities. Although the event will be online, the organizers are confident that we have the right solution for engagement that will offer similar opportunities to in-person meetings. They try to connect with as many as possible EEA&Norway Grants communities to create regional energy and promote research activities from this area.