RDA information about upcoming deadlines and events in March and April

RDA information about upcoming deadlines and events:

18 March 2021 
Connecting Data, Institutions and People: FAIR Digital Objects, RDA outputs and the design of the DiSSCo Research Infrastructure
This webinar will address how the Distributed System of Scientific Collections (DiSSCo) --- a new European Research Infrastructure currently in the preparation phase -- is working towards transforming a fragmented landscape of the natural science collections into an integrated data infrastructure. The talk will provide an overview of the architectural design of DiSSCo, focusing on the adoption of FAIR Digital Object and the incorporation of multiple RDA Group outputs.

23 March 2021 
The Charter for RDA’s newest group, the Sensitive Data Interest Group, is now open for Community Review. Members are encouraged to review and provide feedback on its proposed activities.

26 March 2021 
Plenary 17 – Call for Posters Deadline is 26 March (although your poster does not need to be ready for upload until 12 April). Submit your abstract soon.

2 April 2021 
Early Bird Registration for P17 Ends on 2 April.

For those still not sure whether they plan on attending VP17 and missed our latest webinar, the recording of the webinar titled “RDA and Why you Should Attend Virtual Plenary 17” is now available.

9 April 2021 
The RDA Data Usage Metrics Working Group’s Final Recommendations have been posted to the RDA website and open to Community Review. By 9 April, please consider reviewing and providing feedback on this document.